8 Symbols

AtlaBase symbols are to-scale 2D representations of fixtures in a visual style that is a combination of USITT RP-2 and construction drawings.

<Symbol Identifier="ed006ce0-1989-436b-b698-9eed29bf970a" Version="4" VersionDate="2013-10-02" Brand="USITT RP-2" Name="Moving Head Spot">
    <Shape Type="Fill">
        <Point X="0.00" Y="-0.24" />
        <Point X="0.07" Y="-0.24" />
        <Point X="0.08" Y="-0.23" />
        <!-- (cut) -->
    <Shape Type="Line">
        <Point X="0.00" Y="-0.07" />
        <Point X="0.24" Y="-0.07" />
        <Point X="0.24" Y="0.07" />
        <Point X="0.00" Y="0.07" />
        <!-- (cut) -->

Above: An excerpt of the USITT RP-2 Moving Head Spot symbol.

Symbols consist of a list of fill shapes and line shapes, the fill shapes to create a solid background and the line shapes to highlight the outlines and details within.