5 Filters

Any thin semi-transparent plastic and glass items that can be placed in a light beam to modify its colour and/or create a frost effect is classified as a filter.

<Filter Identifier="a5418bd3-07e4-404a-ba35-f34f9ab3a4dc" Version="3" VersionDate="2018-06-27" Brand="Rosco Supergel" Code="R23" Name="Orange">
        <sRGB Red="255" Green="109" Blue="0" />
        <CIE1931 x="0.618" y="0.372" Y="0.3895" K="2856" />

Above: Rosco Supergel R23 filter.

Filter Attribute Description
Brand The name of the manufacturer.
Code An optional part code.
Name An optional descriptive name.
Origin An optional designation in the absence of a part code or descriptive name. This is normally a combination of the fixture, wheel and slot position it can be found in.

A filter’s colour is given in sRGB and sometimes also in CIE 1931.

Colour Attribute Description
sRGB/Red, sRGB/Green, sRGB/Blue The sRGB colour space colour of the filter as measured with a D65 light source.
CIE1931/x, CIE1931/y The CIE 1931 colour space chromaticity of the filter (as measured using a light source with a CCT of CIE1931/K).
CIE1931/Y The transmission of the filter.
CIE1931/K The CCT of the light source used to measure the chromaticity.

Frost is specified with the two HorizontalFrost and VerticalFrost elements. Their values range from 0.0 to 1.0, which corresponds to no to full frost.