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The entertainment industry database
AtlaBase Ltd
Dedicated Library Development & Support
AtlaBase is the most complete database of lighting fixtures and other products in the entertainment industry, available for licensing. The team behind AtlaBase comprises a group of professionals who’ve carefully added data on thousands of items from almost every manufacturer around the world. The content expands daily through the addition of new products as they are launched, but also as the effect of servicing requests from clients and their end users.

AtlaBase is the right solution for any manufacturer that develops a system which requires an internal library of lighting fixtures, DMX personalities, color filters, gobos, plot symbols, trusses, lasers, video projectors, media panels etc. These systems could be, lighting controllers, media servers, lighting design and visualization software, amongst others. Being powered by AtlaBase is ideal for any software team that wishes to free their hands from the time-consuming tasks of building a library in house and supporting everyday library requests.

Our mission is Dedicated Library Development & Support.
                                                                    Library Developers: Jerry Kavvadas, Pavlos Mavridis, Giannis Chalkias
                                                                    Library ManagerPavlos Mavridis
                                                                    Software DeveloperGiannis Chalkias
                                                                    Technical Director: Lars Wernlund
                                                                    Finance Director: Vasilis Ziogas
                                                                    Managing Director: Vangelis Manolis

                                                                    White Paper "Fixture Libraries for Visualisation" November, 2020.
Updates every 3 months
Requests scheduled
Basic License
-Library package in our Common Export Format (CEF). Details in our CEF guide.

-Database contents according to your system needs.

-Periodic library updates every three months.

-Specific requests scheduled for next release.

-Grow in AtlaBase by utilising more types of our stored data in the future.

Free up time for your software team.
Forward library requests to us
1-3 days response time
Premium License
-Optional add-on for the Basic License.

-Daily library update with our progress.

-Forward your library requests to us for immediate attention.

-Response time between 1-3 working days.

-Dedicated ticketing system for support.

-Targeted data mining according to your present or future needs.

Free up time for your library team.
Responding directly to end users
on behalf of the client
Supreme License
-Optional add-on for the Premium License.

-Respond to end users on behalf of the client.

-Supply of a ticketing system.

-Joining the client's helpdesk.

Free up time for your support team.
Over 20.000 Fixtures
All Modes
DMX, Wheels, Optics, Sizes
Generic Models
Plot Models
Dimensions, Shapes, 3d & 2d Models
Projectors & Panels
Optics, Resolutions, Sizes, DMX
Colour filters and flags in fixtures
Animation Discs
Gobo images in fixtures, Categorised
Dynamic Info
Unique Realistic Symbols
Plot Symbols
Custom and Standard USITT RP-2
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Please use the contact form if you have any questions or requests, concerning our services.

We will respond to your message within 24 hours.

If you are also a manufacturer and need your products listed in our database feel free to contact us and we will be happy to include them for you.

AtlaBase Ltd

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